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SDA Benefits

There are many benefits when considering going under debt review. There are also many misconceptions about debt review.

Debt counselling was introduced in 2007, with the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. Debt counselling is designed for consumers that are over-indebted. It affords them the opportunity to re-structure and manage their debt over a reasonable period.

Advantages Of Debt Review

  • Legally protected
  • Assets are protected from being repossessed
  • Make on single payment
  • Annual review of your financial situation
  • Once under debt review, you are on the way to being debt free
  • There is no permanent record of being under Debt Review kept on any Consumer Credit Bureau Data Base, meaning that unlike Administration or other avenues, the process leaves no black mark against your name
  • You will never pay more than you can reasonably afford
  • Relief from all the stress of being in debt

Debt review is designed to assist you in becoming debt free. Protect your assets today.


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