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Debt Counselling


  Legally protected

  Assets are protected from being repossessed

  Make one single payment

  Annual review of your financial situation

  You are on the way to being debt free

  Decrease of your monthly debt repayments


FREE credit checks every year

Yearly review of your financial situation

Dedicated account manager

Fully staffed call centre

Debt counselling is also known as debt review. Debt Review is a process in terms of the National Credit Act for over indebted consumers in South Africa and the purpose of the act is to protect the over indebted consumer against credit providers.

Restore Your Credit Health And Become Debt Free

Smart Debt Advisors offers a unique debt counselling program that helps you restore your credit worthiness, while also becoming debt free at the same time.


One Monthly Payment
Our debt counselling program consolidates all of your debt into one single monthly payment, removing the hassle of having to multiple creditors at the end of every month.

You Are Protected
A shield will be placed between you and your creditors, protecting your assets against repossession and preventing your creditors from contacting and harrassing you about the money you owe them.

Clear Your Name
Once all of your debt has been repayed through our debt counselling program, your name will be cleared and your credit record will be restored. This will ensure that you can, once again, become credit worthy.

Annual Credit Report
We will send you an annual credit report to help keep you updated on your financial status, credit status and to help you see how our consolidation program is helping you become free of any debt.

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